Our Founder and President, Iolanthe Culjak, PT, CEAS, has extensive experience in employee health, injury prevention and recovery. She has over 21 years of physical therapy experience and is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.  Prior to becoming a physical therapist she was a professional gymnastics coach for 11 years. Training is all about coaching. Coaching employees in how their body plays a role in the ergonomic process will enhance the effectiveness of the overall ergonomic program. Iolanthe is an avid skier, runner, cyclist, hiker, fly-fisherwoman, former fly-fishing guide and former stand-up comedian.

We have helped reduce pain and injury in people for over 21 years.



Optimum Ergo intends to be the worldwide leader in Virtual Office ergonomics, human factor and wellness trainings. Currently our largest customer is the US Federal Government. We have implemented the following training programs: Office Ergonomics, Wellness, Injury Prevention for fire-fighters, and Injury and Fall Prevention for volunteer staff.

Utilizing a physical therapist, an expert of human movement that is also certified in ergonomics is the best option to oversee your ergonomics/wellness program. Optimum Ergo is a one-stop shop to meet your ergonomic, human factor and wellness needs.